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Respectfully gathered wild herbs, ethically harvested, so that there is more, healthier for the future.



We harvest at the right time, only a portion of each plant, insuring bushier growth and healthier plants.



Dried in a forced air only -No Heat- in the dark. Insuring the nutrients are preserved. Come for a tour.



Using Organic Grape Alcohol for all our tinctures, it's as pure as it gets. Sun energy the difference is amazing.


Organic Essential Oils

No fragrance or petrochemical scents here. One is therapeutic, the other is toxic, after all it is for health.


Therapeutic Products

Pure ingredients and over 80 years experience between the 2 owners. Our products speak for themselves, but you should hear customers swearing by them.


Premium Face Care

Nature creates the ingredients and with our knowledge and years experience anyone who has used our Face Care, refuses to use another. They all say their faces never felt happier.

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Price: $42.80

American ginseng Panax quinquefolius root is one of the most prized herbs in the world and is believed to have health-improving elements. In fact, it is most revered in China, even though an almost identical herb, called Asian ginseng, is native there. Here's how American ginseng root works as an alternative medicine.

It can help lower blood sugar in people with diabetes mellitus when taken 30 to 60 minutes before eating.

American ginseng also helps the body cope with stress and strengthens the immune system. Cancer cells tend to secrete compounds that inhibit the immune system, and there is some evidence that ginseng can reduce the immune-suppressing and immune-damaging effects of cancer and of treatments for cancer, such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. It revitalizes your body, increasing mental efficiency and boosting your stamina and energy.

Useful in Bronchitis, circulatory problems, diabetes an infertility. Helps lower cholesterol and possibly malignant growths. Beneficial on the adrenal, pituitary glands, endocrine system and organs of the body such as the kidneys.

Useful for depression and anxiety. Rich in antioxidants it helps boost the immune system while lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure. An overall tonic for the system. American Ginseng has anti-inflammatory properties and is thought to be helpful for relieving rheumatism, headaches, colds, coughs, bronchitis, constipation and cystitis. Its anti-inflammatory properties may be useful in reducing fevers and lung problems. Considered to be a stress reducer, energizer and normalizer. Taken in low doses, it acts as a mild sedative; in large doses, it is a stimulant.

Directions: 1 or 2 a day 1 hr before meals.
These capsules contain 750mg of Organic American Ginseng powder in 00 vegetarian capsules.

Contains 750mg 100% American Ginseng powder in 00 Vegetable capsules, that's it.

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Vitae Value The Art of Cosmetics

From the Nature of Kalymnos we gather her bounty ethically and responsibly. With love and respect to mother nature. Gods gifts to us.

Original Formulas

We wanted to create therapeutic, effective products that work. We believe we are the first to combine  Aromatherapy, Phyto therapy, and Homeopathy together to create a natural, balanced therapeutic line of products. Where quality, effectiveness, that is friendly to our bodies and the environment, go hand in hand. We do not compromise when it comes to quality. Our ingredients are found in Nature, we harmonically combine them keeping in mind that what we select is not phototoxic, has least if any allergens, and that the ingredients compliment, and increase effectiveness over all.

  • hide We Believe in Coming up with Original formulas.
  • hide We Believe in organic or wild crafted ingredients.
  • hide We Believe in using Organic Essential Oils.
  • hide We Believe in our products being pure enough to eat, though not recommended.
  • hide We Believe in quality, not quantity.
  • hide We Believe in working with Nature in her time, harmoniously.

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Naturally Kalymnos is the Ultimate experience
Most people that come through are amazed that
everything is made here on premise.
From harvest to finished products. 
Come see for your self.

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Over 80 years experience between Kalliope and I. Lina adds a youthful presence.

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