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Post Office versus EMS Courier - Post Office in Kalymnos is terrible, with one window for everyone, you can literally wait for hours to be served, we do not have that luxury. There is no option or service for commercial shipping so hurry up and wait. Then there is the fact that it can take Months, yes Months for your package to arrive. There is also a very good chance it gets lost. After losing 3 packages to Germany, the post shows it arrived in Germany then vanished. That forced us to switch to Courier. Courier is pricey for the 1st 500 grams (1 pound roughly) after that each 500 grams is 5-6 euros so the heavier the better. But the best is it arrives in days. 1-2 weeks to the USA not Months

EMS Express shipping to USA (you can thank Trump, he made Postal not an option, tried to force DHL, UPS and Fedex sorry way too expensive!), EMS for shipping worldwide.

We do not add to shipping, we only use the services, we sell our products.

Within Greece, we ship with ELTA Courier. It's fast! Roughly 6 euros.

Payment Options:

  • All major Credit Cards through PayPal. We do not process Credit Cards, PayPal does. or we can send Invoice You* via PayPal. It is easy, safe, and fast! 

  • COD is available in Greece Only.

  • COD is an option for delivery to addresses in Greece or
    to pick up your order in our Store in Pothia. 

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