EMS or ELTA is the Greek Post Offices Courier Service, it is faster but cost more. It all depends on how much of a hurry you are in. 

EMS Courier it's the fastest no question but more than the other methods offered.

UPS, FEDEX, DHL they are terrible in Greece and we prefer not to go there, still if you insist and have an account with them, we'll be happy to help and have the packages ready for them. Greek Post is slow unreliable and can take hours to que for service, we do not use them as we cannot wait in line that long. They only have 1 window open.


When choosing a method to ship, please do not select for Greece if the destination address is not in Greece, you will only delay your package from shipping as we wait for the payment to cover shipping to your address.

COD is ONLY available in Greece, as is In Store Pickup.