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Facial Care Products

Completely organic, using Aromatheraphy, Phyto therapy and when possible Homeopathy for results you're sure to love!.

Face Creams like no other

Made in Kalymnos using Galen's cold cream formula. We've enriched it added herbal extracts, plant based Hyaluronic Acid and natural CoQ10. You'll love the results.

Shampoo by Hair Type

Yes shampoo formulated for Your Hair Type. Organic, SLS and Paraben free. Herbal extracts, essential oils selected for each Hair Type and Rescue Remedy.

Therapeutic Creams and Products

It's the herbs from Kalymnos and how we create our products that make them so different and effective. That's the bottom line they are effective..

Need to loose some inches?

Our Sliming Cream has a faithful following, as does Anti Cellulite Cream and Oil.

Our island is our Pharmacy

We wild craft respectfully and responsibly harvesting at the right moment, air drying with no heat and creating our extracts/tinctures, herbal oil infusions for use in our products.

We use ancient herbs.

A type of sage Botani is great for your hair, our ancestors used it and we do too.

Saint John's Wort

We make extract/tincture, herbal infused oil and capsules (vegetarian) with wild crafted St John's Wort.

St John's Wort in it's prime.

Time to harvest, we only take the tops.

Star of Bethlehem

Yes we make extract/tincture from it.

Kalymnian Lavender

Lavender spica, very different than Lavender most are used to an is it heavenly! We create essential oil and Hydrosol from it. Limited annual supply!!

Just 50 meters down from the Taxi Station in Pothia, Kalymnos heading towards the Harbor on the left-hand side is a 2 story Yellow Greek Neo-Classical building, it's the one with all the large potted plants in front. Inside you will be amazed at just what you will find.

Naturally Kalymnos Evening

Much more than just a Store..

On the ground floor, you'll find a store that offers Organic products made from the wildcrafted herbs of Kalymnos. But the products are much more than just from the wildcrafted plants of Kalymnos, they incorporate 3 healing arts, Aromatherapy, Phytotherapy and Homeopathy using Hippocrates of Kos theories and philosophy along with Native American and Chinese Medicine the products that we offer came into existence 5 years ago.

Our mother company Vitae Value (the value of life) is where we Kalliope Patelli (Pharmacist of over 35 years) and Elias Kampouris (Herbalist of 35 years) came together and produced the Vitae Value products that were test marketed in Kalliope's Pharmacy before we ventured out to create Naturally Kalymnos.

Within the building, you will find the Lab, the Herb Room where herbs are dried and processed and the School where workshops, seminars and Herbal Walks are offered.

Naturally Kalymnos Store

Raw Materials from the nature of Kalymnos

We begin from the mountains, valleys and canyons respectfully harvesting the wild flora that Kalymnos has to offer. Because of the harsh climate, hot sun (it rarely rains from April to September), little soil in the mountains and no pollution to speak of makes for herbs and medicinal plants that are much more potent than even the neighboring islands, Certainly the profession of plants and varieties is not easily found on other islands nearby.

We gather these herbs and medicinal plants ensuring that there will be more the next season, as we trim, prune and gather only up to ⅓ of what we find. Never do we uproot unless we specifically need the root of the plant for medicine and then only one here and one there, never to clear an area. Our approach is respective, responsible for sustainable methods of harvesting, for us, it's our prayer.

Once we've gathered we head back to the herb room to lay them out on screen racks to air dry, make extracts and tinctures (we use Grape Alcohol exclusively) herbal oil infusions, distilling for essential oils and floral hydrosols. We do things quite a bit differently than most commercial companies making these type of products and you'll find them very rich and concentrated without added heat. This creates products that are alive and effective, their results speak for themselves. Our customers are loyal and dedicated. But don't take our word for it we'll give you samples to test on yourself!

Even our Cream bases are based on Galen's formula (Aelius Galenus 129 - 200-216 AD) we just add modern technology to them, like Hyaluronic acid which we derive from Marshmallow Plant.

Herb Drying Rack

Come and join us

Herbal Walks are offered throughout the year, during the hot months we offer 4 hour walks, but for more information please visit KalymnosHerbs.com. We start in the school (top floor) with a brief discussion of where we will go, enjoy an Herbal Drink watch a slideshow of what plants were before this time of year and after. (the window here in Kalymnos is very quick when the plants are ready, they've adapted to the lack of rain.) Then off we go to see, touch, and harvest some then return to the Lab so you can make a tincture and an infusion to take home with you. We offer Private Walks and Group Walks (5 person minimum, 10 people maximum sorry no large groups at one time it's too hard on the environment.)

Herb Walk

Custom formulations etc.

Because we make what we sell, we can customize any product for your needs. Stronger, richer, weaker not a problem.

Shipping Worldwide

We understand that sometimes you're limited as to what you can take back, but no worries! We can ship your purchases so they will there soon after you arrive, but we can also send you our products anytime you need. Yes, we can even gift wrap and send a gift for you, with a message from you if you wish. We can ship anywhere in the world by Hellenic Post and ACS.

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